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From the phone box layby fol­low the way­marked sign (not the pub­lic foot­path sign) down a small lane to a swing gate. It is an open area at the start, so check the sky for Buz­zard and that Red Kite!

1Then head down to the brook and check for King­fisher and Dipper. There should also be Grey and Pied Wag­tails around.

2Carry on up to the wood­land and check for Tawny Owl and also Wood­cock. Great Spot­ted and Green Wood­peck­ers are in the area but Lesser Spot­ted Wood­peck­ers are far less com­mon now – keep look­ing, though! Lit­tle Owls are pos­si­ble as you walk round the site.

3Head back ei­ther along the lane and pick up the pub­lic foot­path, or re­turn via the first route. Hedges in the lane can be good for see­ing and hear­ing Yel­lowham­mer.


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