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From the break­wa­ter, sea-watch­ing such as Brent Goose, Red-breasted Mer­ganser, Com­mon Scoter, Wi­geon, Teal and Shov­eler, plus Red-throated Diver, Gan­net, auks, gulls and per­haps an early Sand­wich Tern or Great Skua. A Kit­ti­wake colony is view­able along the cliffs to the east.

1Ful­mar and Kit­ti­wake wheel along the cliffs and there’s a good chance of a Raven or Pere­grine. Meadow Pipit and Pied Wag­tail are typ­i­cal over­head early mi­grants, plus Black Red­start and Rock Pipit among the chalk cliffs and Wheatear and Sky Lark on the golf course fair­ways. Scan the sea for in­com­ing Swal­lows and mar­tins.

2Scan for pip­its, larks, wag­tails, thrushes and finches. Com­mon Gulls and Lap­wings should be mov­ing. Check the fields for Wheatear, Stonechat and Black Red­start.

3The copse is a good spot for Firecrest, Chif­fchaff and Black­cap, plus tits, finches, Treecreeper and Great Spot­ted Wood­pecker. Nearby scrub at­tracts Yel­lowham­mer, Bullfinch, Lin­net and also Stonechat.


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