Bird Watching (UK) - - March Id Challenge -

This is a broad-winged bird in what looks to be pow­ered flight. Those broad wings im­me­di­ately rule out fal­cons, as does the pale iris (fal­cons have dark eyes). This bird is an even dull grey-brown above, with darker bands on the up­per tail and more sub­tle band­ing on the up­per wings. The un­der­side feath­ers, in­clud­ing the un­der­wing coverts, are densely barred with more spaced, even bar­ring on the flight feath­ers. Those trans­verse bars across the breast and the white su­per­cil­ium should point you to this be­ing an Ac­cip­iter. But is it a Spar­rowhawk or Goshawk? The slim build and nar­row waist, plus long squar­ish tail and short neck, all im­ply fe­male-type Spar­rowhawk.

KEY FEA­TURES †Fin­gered broad wings are typ­i­cal of an Ac­cip­iter hawk †Broad wings and yel­low eye rule out fal­cons †Barred breast rules out har­ri­ers and buz­zards †Slim build short neck and nar­row waist and squared off tail †Pale eye and pale su­per­cil­ium

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