Bird Watching (UK) - - March Id Challenge -

Just to make things even more tricky, here is a bird perched on long yel­low legs and feet in the thin branches of a tree in bud star­ing right at us. Any clues of flight struc­ture or even side-on perched pro­file are lost. We have a ghostly pale bird with a streaked breast and darker ru­fous belly, The tail is pale grey and ap­pears quite long. The eyes are yel­low (so it is not a fal­con) and the bill looks small. In fact, the face is al­most ‘owl like’, which is a fea­ture of har­ri­ers. This bird is too streaked for a male Hen or Mon­tagu’s Har­rier, too pale for a ring­tail of th­ese species. Fe­male Marsh Har­ri­ers are choco­late brown with cream crowns and throats. This bird is a ma­ture male Marsh Har­rier.


†Pale head and breast be­com­ing darker on belly †Small bill and owl-like face, with star­ing yel­low eyes, typ­i­cal of har­ri­ers †Pale grey tail †Long yel­low legs and ‘weak’ feet, typ­i­cal of har­ri­ers

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