Bird Watching (UK) - - March Id Challenge -

Here is a bird of prey with long pri­mary fin­gers and a long, tilted pale tail, which is widely spread to show dis­tinctly an­gu­lar cor­ners, giv­ing a very flat rear edge. The plumage is red­dish brown on the body and un­der­wing, with a whitish head and large white patches on the un­der­wing, just be­hind those dark fin­gers. The bill is medium/small for a rap­tor, the eye pale and the yel­low feet look small and weak by birds of prey stan­dards. Go­ing back to the tail, if less spread, it would clearly be forked (cer­tainly not rounded and very un­like to be square). A forked tail means a kite, and the com­bi­na­tion of ru­fous plumage, whitish head and pale un­der­wing patches all point to Red Kite.

KEY FEA­TURES †Fin­gered wings and ‘droopy’ wing pro­file †Long pale rud­der-like tail which would be forked if not widely spread †Weak feet of a scav­enger †Red­dish plumage is why it is called a Red Kite

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