Bird Watching (UK) - - Species Wagtails -

You’ll find wag­tails all year round in most habi­tats across the UK, in­clud­ing vil­lages, town and cities, but fo­cus your search for them near wa­ter, pos­si­bly on a farm­yard or by a lake­side. They nest in stone wall crevices or un­der roof tiles or stones and can be seen search­ing for in­sects on bare ar­eas, such as in car parks, on a golf course or even an as­phalt road. Pied and White Wag­tails lack any true yel­low in their plumage, un­like the long-tailed Grey Wag­tail and the shorter-tailed, green backed Yel­low.

I can re­mem­ber the two char­ac­ter­ful birds chas­ing in­sects across the con­crete sur­face!

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