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BLUE JAY When trav­el­ling through New York City, you will no doubt see a Blue Jay or two. Close up, they are stun­ning birds: a heady mix of blue, lilac, black and white. They are res­i­dent in east­ern and cen­tral North Amer­ica so, any ref­er­ences to ‘blue jays’ in western US, will be more than likely re­fer­ring to the Scrub Jay, an al­to­gether smaller bird. Blue Jays pre­fer mixed wood­lands and in New York they thrive in wooded park­land and gar­dens. Their diet re­flects that of our very own Jay, with nuts, seeds and soft seeds high up on the list. They are cheeky, if a lit­tle ag­gres­sive, boldly see­ing off po­ten­tial preda­tors. Blue Jays can also ap­pear to be quite sneaky, repli­cat­ing the cries of Red-tailed Hawks or just ut­ter­ing alarm calls, all de­signed to scat­ter the birds that were scoff­ing at the feed­ers so that they can move in. Blue Jay

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