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The dawn cho­rus is not the only rea­son to be up early in the spring. By the end of April, the sun will be ris­ing at about 5.30am (BST). And if you want to catch the early bird, you should re­ally be try­ing to be ris­ing to greet the sun. Many birds mi­grate at night, and ap­pear as if by magic at first light. Wheatears can ap­pear on short-cropped grassy ar­eas, Red­starts along hedges and fence lines, and Ring Ouzels in short-cropped grassy ar­eas be­side hedges. The first Yel­low Wag­tails of spring may turn up in a cow field and the first Lesser Whitethroats will start sing their short rat­tling song and Grasshop­per War­blers reel their in­sect like song at first light.

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