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Af­ter cen­turies of ab­sence, Wild Boar now roam again in Bri­tain. Our cur­rent porcine pop­u­la­tions are de­scended from es­capes and il­licit re­leases that orig­i­nate from boar-farm­ing, which peaked in the 1980s. They in­habit a few quiet, scat­tered wood­lands in south­ern Eng­land, with by far the weight­i­est pop­u­la­tion snuf­fling around the For­est of Dean. April is a good month to try to see th­ese shy an­i­mals, as un­der­storey veg­e­ta­tion re­mains short and young­sters are on the move. The fur­ther from con­crete roads you ven­ture, the higher your chances.

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