Don’t ask your bird­ing ques­tions – just ask the ‘boss’!

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I have been bird­watch­ing for some 10 years. I started on my own and quickly re­alised that in gen­eral it was a male pur­suit, if only by a nar­row mar­gin at con­fer­ences and lo­cal talks. Not much has changed. How­ever, about three years ago my hus­band of nearly 40 years de­cided he wanted to come out with me. He knew very lit­tle about birds, only the birds seen in the gar­den over the years. Im­me­di­ately, I no­ticed that other male bird­ers al­ways asked him a ques­tion first. ‘Much around? Have you seen the Pal­lid?’ His re­sponse was “I’m not sure, just ask the boss,” This has never both­ered me, I al­ways end up chat­ting any­way. My ad­vice to Jenny Jones Cousin (let­ters page, BW March is­sue) is please give it an­other try. There are other women like my­self and plenty of men in bird hides who are only too pleased to help ID birds for begin­ners. Per­haps try a guided RSPB walk for begin­ners at a lo­cal re­serve near to home. Janet Wilkes

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