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Fledg­ing is an­other one of those terms that seems to get used in var­i­ous ways, which can be a cause of con­fu­sion. Some books use the term to mean leav­ing the nest, some to mean learn­ing to fly, but strictly speak­ing a fledged bird is one that has been raised to the point where its feath­ers and wing mus­cles are ready for flight. This can hap­pen at var­i­ous ages, and doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily co­in­cide with the time the bird is ready to leave the nest; with some pre­co­cial species such as the Lap­wing, the young leave the nest shortly af­ter hatching, but are not fledged un­til over a month later. Some are even born fully fledged.

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