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LIZ POT­TER Editor, Gar­den An­swers A pond in di­rect sun­shine isn’t nec­es­sar­ily a great idea, so it might be bet­ter to plant a small tree nearby to cast dap­pled shade. There are lots of wildlife­friendly marginal plants to choose from. If you’re sub­merg­ing them di­rect into the shal­lows, rest them on shelves or stand them on sub­merged bricks, planted in bas­kets lined with hes­sian, filled with aquatic compost and mulched with a layer of gravel on top to stop the compost float­ing off. Yel­low Flag Irises ( Iris pseu­da­corus) are a clas­sic choice for shal­low wa­ter (5-12cm), of­fer­ing dragon­fly nymphs the chance to crawl up their tall stems and strappy leaves; Marsh Marigolds ( Caltha palus­tris) are a pop­u­lar op­tion – bear­ing large golden cup-shaped flow­ers in March that at­tract pol­li­na­tors. The striped Ze­bra Rush ( S. la­cus­tris subsp taber­nae­mon­tani ‘Ze­bri­nus’) is a banded rush that looks very hand­some, while on dry land, hostas and carex grasses help cre­ate a lush and leafy look. For the middle of the pond, wa­terlily of­fers shade and shel­ter for aquatic life. Choose one ap­pro­pri­ate for the depth of your pond – ‘ Pyg­maea Rubra’ flow­ers red and is a smaller form suit­able for shal­low ponds around

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