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1 2at present add to the walk, with nat­u­ral re­gen­er­a­tion oc­cur­ring even though Roe Deer are graz­ing the area. The Scots Pines are the main conifers to re­main, even though some may not be na­tive. The birds are mixed, with Wil­low and Wood War­bler, Red­start, Song Thrush and also Bullfinch. Jays mock the many Tawny Owls with Buz­zards the most com­mon rap­tor, along with Spar­rowhawk. The wood will give dis­tant views of Golden Ea­gle and some­times Mer­lin, with the pos­si­bil­ity of a pass­ing White-tailed Ea­gle. Red Deer are fenced out of the area, but can be seen on the nearby crags. Pine Martens are present in the wood along with Red Squir­rels. As a mixed wood, the fungi are worth look­ing for in au­tumn, so make an ef­fort to search for the many ex­am­ples of shin­ing Fly Agaric, Bo­le­tus and Birch Poly­pore. Park in the large car park by the River Coe. Scan the sur­round­ing area for rap­tors. The un­der­storey con­tains Bell & Com­mon Heather, with Bog Myr­tle scat­tered around

Red Deer En­joy birds and great scenery Spar­rowhawk Red­start

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