Bird Watching (UK) - - April Id Challenge -

Breastspot­ted­darkon dark­back­ground This thrush has been gath­er­ing what ap­pear to be small earth­worms on a lawn. It has the brown up­per­parts and paler speckled un­der­parts typ­i­cal of a thrush, but the plumage is much darker than would be ex­pected from a Song or a Mis­tle Thrush. The breast and belly show a re­ally quite dark back­ground,stri­a­tions with fine spots in stri­a­tions, but not like the clear­ly­de­fined spots on an ar­che­typal thrush. Th­ese fea­tures should nar­row it down to one of two dark species, the Black­bird and the Ring Ouzel. Ouzels usu­ally show a clearly de­fined pale breast band and pale fringes on the body feath­ers, giv­ing a scaly ef­fect, plus ‘sil­very-edged’ wing feath­ers. This is a typ­i­cal fe­male Black­bird.

KEY FEA­TURES Dark over­all plumage rules out most thrushes Dark brown above and brown below with dark spots Breast and belly spots very fine and dense Plain wings and lack of ‘scaly’ plumage rule out Ring Ouzel

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