Bird Watching (UK) - - April Id Challenge -

This bathing bird, belly-deep in shal­low wa­ter, rep­re­sents the ar­che­typal im­age we have of what a thrush should look like. Though we can’t see the whole of the bird, we can see enough to have a guess that it is brown above and well spot­ted on the breast and belly. A closer look re­veals that the dark spots are neat, dark ar­row-shapes, point­ing to­ward the head (or up­ward if you pre­fer) and ar­ranged in neat rows. This should im­me­di­ately rule out Mis­tle Thrush, which has more rounded, blob-like spots. Also, they are less well aligned and on Mis­tle Thrush the breast is not in­fused with yel­low ochre as here. The con­trast­ing pale belly also rules out fe­male Black­bird, and the rather plain face rules out Red­wing and Field­fare. This is a Song Thrush.

KEY FEA­TURES Warm brown on top with a speckled un­der­side ‘Speck­les’ are up­ward point­ing ar­rows, ar­ranged in neat, dense lines Plain ‘ face’ Yel­low wash to up­per breast

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