Bird Watching (UK) - - April Id Challenge -

Richyel­low­ish breast­colour Once more, we re­sort to pre­sent­ing a bird front on in or­der to make iden­ti­fy­ing it that much more tricky. But in this case, there are still plenty of clues show­ing to help you iden­tify this thrush. A first glance may make you think this is a typ­i­cally-pat­terned thrush: dark above with a speckled breast. But a se­cond look shows the head is largely pale blue-grey, the back dark red-brown and the breast a rich yel­low-ochre. The lores (the ar­eas be­tween the eye and bill) are black, giv­ing this bird a dis­tinc­tive ‘an­gry’ ex­pres­sion. The colours are too pale (and wrong) for Black­bird and Ring Ouzel, the face pat­tern wrong for Red­wing and the colours wrong for Mis­tle and Song Thrushes. This bird, you will have rightly guessed, is a Field­fare.

KEY FEA­TURES At first glance, a typ­i­cal speckled thrush Dark chest­nut back, blue-grey head, ochre breast Black lores gives bird an ‘an­gry’ ex­pres­sion Densely spot­ted in black on yel­low and white breast and belly

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