Bird Watching (UK) - - April Id Challenge -

Thrushes are rightly renowned as mas­ter singers. Learn­ing th­ese beau­ti­ful songs is a very use­ful way of iden­ti­fy­ing the birds even be­fore you see them. Song Thrushes have per­haps the most dis­tinc­tive song, re­peat­ing ex­quis­ite phrases (of­ten in­clud­ing mimicry) three or four times, then mov­ing to the next ones. Black­bird songs are rich and fluty in tone, with com­plex phrases in­ter­spersed with pauses. Mis­tle Thrush songs are sim­i­lar to Black­bird, but more stereo­typed and sim­ple in struc­ture and rhythm. Thrush calls are also im­por­tant to learn, es­pe­cially for fly­ing birds. Check out to hear and learn the var­i­ous dis­tinc­tive calls.

Mis­tle Thrushes sing their sad songs from the top of ma­ture trees

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