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I had my chim­ney swept this morn­ing and just wanted to tell you a story that the sweep told me, which has such a happy end­ing! Re­cently, he was called out to a house by a lady in Sus­sex, who, for three days, could hear the sound of a bird scratch­ing around be­hind the chim­ney. Us­ing a cam­era, the sweep was able to de­tect a Song Thrush which had in­deed fallen down the chim­ney but had be­come stuck half­way up on a ledge. The lady was rather up­set that such a beau­ti­ful bird was prob­a­bly go­ing to starve to death and won­dered how it could be coaxed down into the grate so that it could per­haps be caught. The sweep re­mem­bered that he had a bird song app on his mo­bile phone so he played the species’ song to the bird and, mirac­u­lously, the thrush fol­lowed the sound, squeezed through the gap by the ledge and fell into the grate. Be­ing a bit dazed, it was easy to catch in the hand and then it was re­leased out into the gar­den and flew away. Both the lady and the sweep were amazed, but, pre­sum­ably, the bird was the hap­pi­est of all! Some­times, bird­ers are crit­i­cised for play­ing bird songs in­ap­pro­pri­ately to lure birds but in this case, mod­ern tech­nol­ogy prob­a­bly saved a bird’s life! Christine Lind­say, West Sus­sex

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