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Have you got a ques­tion about your lo­cal patch or bird iden­ti­fi­ca­tion? Email your ques­tion to bird­watch­ing@ bauer­me­ As a new re­cruit to bird­ing at 68 years old, I am hav­ing dif­fi­culty giv­ing the cor­rect names to the two birds in these pho­tos. Could you help please? Wil­liam Hoff­man, Kent

QThe brown, war­bler-like bird oblig­ingly cling­ing to the stem of the reed is ac­tu­ally a Sedge War­bler, a sum­mer vis­i­tor to the UK. Apart from the habi­tat be­ing right for the species, the shape and colour are spot on, as is that dis­tinc­tive ‘eye­brow’ or su­per­cil­ium. The birds on the barbed wire fence are a cou­ple of Stonechats (one shown here). The bird above, with the prom­i­nent white neck patch and black head is a male of the species, whereas his drab­ber look­ing com­pan­ion to the left seems to be a fe­male. These colour­ful birds are likely to be res­i­dents, as the Stonechat is quite a wide­spread bird es­pe­cially in the west and south of Bri­tain, although we do get vis­it­ing Stonechats from Europe in the win­ter, es­pe­cially on the east coast.


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