Name these beach birds?

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We came across the quite tame waders be­low in Bar­ba­dos while on hol­i­day there in Fe­bru­ary. They look like San­der­lings. The waders on the photo above ap­pear to be of the plover fam­ily, but which one? Bernard Spencer

QYou’re right, they are San­der­lings. We of­ten for­get that a lot of species found in the UK are wide­spread glob­ally, and see­ing them seem­ingly out of place can be con­fus­ing! We had a good look to check that these weren’t the quite sim­i­lar Semi­pal­mated Sand­piper, but these birds are too pale and not grey enough to be that species. The one on the left has no back toe, a typ­i­cal San­der­ling fea­ture, and although one of the birds has a rather down­curved bill, we’re putting that down to nor­mal vari­a­tion. The plovers above are Semi­pal­mated Plovers, once con­sid­ered a sub­species of the Ringed Plover.


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