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White fore­head ex­tend­ing over eye Black tipped yel­low bill This bird is car­ry­ing a slim, sil­very lit­tle fish, look­ing like one of those sandeels that Puffins eat. Even this ap­pears a clue that we are deal­ing with a small tern species, a thought en­hanced by the rel­a­tively large size of the head com­pared to its body. Its slight­ness is also em­pha­sised by the ex­tremely pointed wings and nar­row bill, giv­ing it quite a ‘spiky’ ap­pear­ance. Luck­ily, there are plenty of other fea­tures to back up the ini­tial im­pres­sion that this is one of the smaller tern species. Firstly, the bill is nearly wholly yel­low, with a hint of a black tip. Next, the fore­head has a clearly de­fined white patch, which stretches back in a V over the eye. These fea­tures alone should have you con­clud­ing this is a tiny Lit­tle Tern.

KEY FEA­TURES †Very slim wings and rel­a­tively large head †Yel­low bill †White fore­head ex­tend­ing over eye †Fine black lead­ing edge of un­der­wing

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