Bo Be­olens wants to see long-term plans that pro­tects wildlife and helps its sur­vival N 1872, Pres­i­dent Ulysses S.

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IGrant cre­ated the world’s first Na­tional Park, Yel­low­stone. Be­tween 1905 and 1909, sev­eral Euro­pean coun­tries also es­tab­lished them, more as sym­bols of na­tional pride than of con­ser­va­tion. In 1914, Lenin es­tab­lished sev­eral parks in the Soviet Union. Bri­tain had none un­til af­ter the WWII. In 1928, Stalin im­ple­mented his first ‘five-year plan’, a set of eco­nomic and so­cial goals for the state and its pop­u­lace to as­pire to. As his grip tight­ened and his rule in­creas­ingly re­lied upon fear, plans were ful­filled to the let­ter, of­ten against the spirit they em­bod­ied. If the plan re­quired a cer­tain ‘ton­nage’ of pro­duc­tion, and you were fall­ing short, sheer ter­ror led you to start mak­ing beds out of lead rather than steel! So it was that ‘state plan­ning’ got its bad name. It seems to have con­se­quences nearly a cen­tury later, as UK politi­cians seem in­ca­pable of agree­ing long-term goals and play pol­i­tics with stick­ing plas­ter so­lu­tions to more and more prob­lems. We need some in­te­grated na­tional plans to save peo­ples lives and liveli­hoods let alone pro­tect our bio­di­ver­sity. Sev­eral years of flood­ing has led to knee-jerk plans to dredge water­ways.

What may help solve one prob­lem can ban­jax an­other un­less things are looked at to­gether

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