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I’ve just re­turned from a hol­i­day in Cuba, where I was read­ing April 2016’s I’ve at­tached a cou­ple of pho­tos of birds we saw while there, and won­dered if you could help iden­tify them please? Stu­art Stokes, via email

QThe heron in your pic­ture is a Green Heron, a New World species that has been known to visit the UK on very rare oc­ca­sions. The only con­fu­sion species in that area would be the Tri-coloured Heron, which un­like your bird has a white belly. Of­ten con­sid­ered one of the most in­tel­li­gent birds, the Green Heron is also a tool user, lay­ing in­sects or other small ob­jects on the wa­ter’s sur­face as bait for the fish it feeds on. The species has also been recorded us­ing bait ac­quired from an­glers in this method! The black and white wader is a Black-necked Stilt, an Amer­i­can sub­species of the Black-winged Stilt. The main dif­fer­ence be­tween the two is the Black-necked Stilt having no white band sep­a­rat­ing the black ar­eas on head and back, and the white spot above the eye.


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