Bird Watching (UK) - - June Id Challenge -

Rel­a­tively short, curved rear claw Yet an­other thin-billed small bird, which im­me­di­ately makes you think of war­blers or pip­its. The dan­gly legs with long claws and very long ter­tial feath­ers (the wing feath­ers at the trail­ing edge, close to the body) plus the streaked breast, should all point to this be­ing a singing pipit. We have three breed­ing pip­its in the UK, all of which per­form ‘sim­i­lar-look­ing’ song flights. Rock Pipit is the dark­est, with heavy, smudgy breast- and flank- streak­ing (and dark legs). The Meadow and Tree Pip­its are more sim­i­lar. How­ever, Meadow Pipit can be ruled out here by the much finer flank streak­ing than breast streak­ing, the ‘short’, curved rear claws and the face pattern, in­clud­ing a dark line through the eye, and a pale cheek spot. This is a Tree Pipit.

KEY FEA­TURES †Streaked breast gives pipit ap­pear­ance †Larger breast streaks, finer flank streaks †Dark eye­stripe, bold pale half-ring above eye †Dan­gling feet show­ing rel­a­tively short curved rear claw

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