Bird Watching (UK) - - June Id Challenge -

White trail­ing band Long red legs and feet We end with an­other wader, as be­trayed by the medium-long straight bill, which is wide open, shout­ing out the ‘song’ and the long pointed wings. The slim neat bill and straight bill im­ply this is a Tringa sand­piper. And there are lots of ID point­ers which make spe­cific iden­ti­fi­ca­tion straight­for­ward. Firstly, the over­all plumage is brown streaks and spots on a white back­ground. Then, you will no­tice the long red legs, with feet pro­trud­ing be­yond the tail (which in Tringa terms, nar­rows it down to Red­shank or Spot­ted Red­shank). The bill base of both mandibles is red and the wings show a translu­cency in the trail­ing quar­ter, im­ply­ing a broad white band there on the up­per sur­face. This can only be a Red­shank.

KEY FEA­TURES †Mid-long, straight bill and long wings im­ply this is a wader †Over­all brown plumage, with heav­ily streak­ing on white †Long red legs and feet protrude be­yond tail †Red bill base and broad white trail­ing edge di­ag­nos­tic

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