Bird Watching (UK) - - June Id Challenge -

Here we have a twist in the tale, as at last, this bird is ob­vi­ously not a war­bler, pipit or lark. The very long nar­row straight bill im­me­di­ately points to this be­ing a wader, a con­clu­sion only en­hanced by the long pointed wings. In this case the bill is so long, the bird can only be a snipe, Wood­cock, god­wit or one of the rare dow­itch­ers. But this bird is very well marked with streaks and stripes, with a dark rump, so god­wits and dow­itch­ers can be dis­missed. A key feature lack­ing in Wood­cock and Jack Snipe is at the tail. The two out­er­most feath­ers are uniquely spread from the rest of the tail. Pass­ing air causes these feath­ers to res­onate to pro­duce the renowned drum­ming of the Snipe.

KEY FEA­TURES †Very long, straight bill, un­mis­tak­ably a wader †Long pointed wings also point to wader †Heav­ily and boldly streaked with pale back lines †Di­ag­nos­tic spread outer tail feath­ers

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