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1The wood­land clear­ing around the car park typ­i­cally at­tracts com­mon tits, Gold­crest and finches in­clud­ing Siskin and Lesser Red­poll. Look out for Crested Tit and Cross­bills, some of which may be Scot­tish Cross­bills. Sum­mer­ing Wil­low War­bler and Spot­ted Fly­catcher should be present, while Treecreeper, Great Spot­ted and Green Wood­peck­ers are also likely, plus a chance of Tawny Owl around dusk.

2Check the open wa­ter for wild­fowl, in­clud­ing Gold­eneye and Goosander, plus Grey­lag Goose and Com­mon Gull. The mar­gins can at­tract Grey Heron, Com­mon Sand­pipers, Grey and Pied Wag­tails. Ospreys of­ten fish the loch, while hirundines and Swifts hawk for in­sects.

3Scan the open coun­try to the south for hunt­ing rap­tors such as Buz­zard, Spar­rowhawk, Kestrel and Pere­grine. Black Grouse oc­cur here, plus Stonechat, Whin­chat, Meadow and Tree Pip­its. Wood­cock can be flushed from cover and check rides and mar­gins for Ca­per­cail­lie. Long-eared Owl are present but elu­sive. Fur­ther views over a small loch.

An­other good spot for watch­ing birds feeding along the wood­land edge on three sides. Scan the moor­land for chats, pip­its, grouse and rap­tors, Raven and the chance of Wheatear and Ring Ouzel on rocky out­crops.


Crested Tit

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