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If seen in sil­hou­ette, or at long dis­tance, this gorgeous thrush can es­cape no­tice sur­pris­ingly eas­ily. But check ev­ery thrush or Star­ling-sized bird in likely ar­eas, be­cause a closer look will re­veal the beau­ti­ful blue tones that give it its name. Its song, some­times de­liv­ered in a swoop­ing songflight, but per­haps more of­ten from a high, rocky perch, is sim­i­lar to the Blackbird’s and the Mis­tle Thrush’s, but with sim­pler, and shorter, phrases. Calls in­clude a high ‘peep’ and a harsher ‘tchuk tchuk’. MORE INFO IN MALLORCA, LOOK FOR AT… This res­i­dent breeder lives in moun­tain­ous re­gions, so is best looked for at spe­cific sites (if you want to avoid long walks or dif­fi­cult climbs!). A few pairs can be found in the Bo­quer Val­ley, while the Formentor Penin­sula is also a great place to look for them. The Parc Nat­u­ral de Ll­e­vant, on the Arta Penin­sula, is an­other likely spot for them. Nowhere are num­bers high, but it is a rel­a­tively wide­spread bird, so check prom­i­nent rocky out­crops, cliffs and old build­ings.

WHERE ELSE CAN I SEE IT? In warm, rocky ar­eas through­out south­ern Europe – its close rel­a­tive, the Rock Thrush, is much more a bird of high mead­ows. Res­i­dent in many ar­eas, while in oth­ers it dis­perses to warmer parts in win­ter.

Casa at Bo­quer Male Blue Rock Thrush

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