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Walk­ing round my lo­cal reser­voir I took this photo of what I be­lieved to be a Chif­fchaff or Willow War­bler, but on closer in­spec­tion when I got home I no­ticed that it didn’t have the thick yel­low stripe around its eye, was more dumpy, and had a more or­ange bill. Ann Quayle, Bar­row-in-fur­ness, Cum­bria

QLook­ing closely at this bird, we have, like you, nar­rowed it down to Willow War­bler or Chif­fchaff. You’ve al­ready pointed out the lack of a dis­tinct eye-stripe or su­per­cil­ium, which in it­self would point us to­wards Chif­fchaff, but plumage fea­tures can vary be­tween in­di­vid­ual birds, as can

Abill colour, so this isn’t con­clu­sive. This bird’s cheek does look quite dark, dis­play­ing that eye ring quite well, which again points us to­wards a Chif­fchaff. The clincher for us, though, lies in the pri­mary wing feath­ers. They seem to be fairly evenly spaced, and don’t pro­ject back as far as we’d ex­pect for Willow War­bler, so we’re pretty sure it’s a Chif­fchaff.

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