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Itrip in Au­gust 2015 on a rel­a­tively calm day. You start at Tober­mory and I went with Seal­ife Sur­veys as my son Ewan was work­ing on the boat that day. Things can hap­pen even as you leave the har­bour, with Ot­ter and even Bot­tlenosed Dol­phin. Check Calve Is­land for Hen Har­rier or Red Deer. Along the shore past Rubha nan Gall Light­house you can have Black Guille­mot, Shag, sev­eral gull species and even divers are pos­si­ble. You are soon look­ing for White-tailed Ea­gles along the cliffs with Golden Ea­gles, Pere­grines or Ravens pos­si­ble. A pod of Bot­tlenosed Dol­phins en­joyed this area in 2015. Cross­ing to Ard­na­mur­chan look out for auks with Puffins pos­si­ble. In Au­gust, you may see Guille­mots in tow, with their sin­gle young swim­ming by! The Ard­na­mur­chan Penin­sula has its clas­sics like Wild Cat and Pine Marten, but the ea­gles are the ones to look for on this trip. With the many Manx Shear­wa­ters, look out for Balearic and Sooty Shear­wa­ters and, in May, there is a good pas­sage of skuas with even Po­ma­rine and Long-tailed Skuas pho­tographed from the boat. Some other good records from here in­clude Red-necked Phalarope, Hobby and Swift, which is rare here. The closer you get to the Cairns, the bet­ter things get with mass num­bers of Shags, auks and es­pe­cially Arc­tic Terns. Look out for Lit­tle Terns here as well as pass­ing Sand­wich and Com­mon Terns. An­other pair of White-tailed Ea­gles have been seen around here but don’t for­get to look in the wa­ter for the Bask­ing Sharks and Minke Whales. On the way back look for Com­mon Dol­phins. TOP TIP

White-tailed Ea­gle Black Guille­mot

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