Bird Watching (UK) - - Go Birding -

From the gate at the en­trance follow the track, check­ing the trees for Willow War­bler and Chif­fchaff as well as Black­bird, Robin and tits.

1Then the open and grassy ar­eas for Pheas­ant and hirundines and Long-tailed Tits in the hedgerows.

2At the brook check for the Dip­per and Grey Wag­tail and a pos­si­ble Curlew, Red-legged and/or Grey Par­tridge.

3Fi­nally, check the hedgerows es­pe­cially for Red­start. The more open ar­eas see Crow, Rook, Jack­daw and, hope­fully, the Red Kite. Lit­tle Owl are around. The Golden Val­ley is well known for its Tree and Meadow Pip­its. Yel­lowham­mer and Lin­net are usu­ally around and there is al­ways the chance of a Spar­rowhawk.


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