Bird Watching (UK) - - July Id Challenge -

This is the sort of wader that can give rel­a­tive be­gin­ners night­mares. The warm plumage and neat fring­ing make it quite an at­trac­tive bird, but so con­fus­ing! Luck­ily, de­spite what you may think there are not that many waders which look quite like this. The peachy glow to the un­der­parts and pale legs may have you think­ing of the rare North Amer­i­can Buff-breasted Sand­piper, but that bird has a more del­i­cate build and a dis­tinc­tive pale, plain face with a dark star­ing eye and finer bill. The key to this bird’s ID is prob­a­bly in the struc­ture; it has an oddly small head and rel­a­tively short, very slightly droop­ing bill. That slightly ‘out of pro­por­tion’ com­bined with this plumage is typ­i­cal of ju­ve­nile male Ruff.

KEY FEA­TURES †Warm buff plumage through­out †Neatly scal­loped and fringed back and wing feath­ers †Rel­a­tively small head and short­ish, very slightly down­curved bill †Legs are pale green­ish Long down­curved black bill

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