Bird Watching (UK) - - July Id Challenge -

From a tall, long-billed el­e­gant, or­ange wader we move to a dumpy, short-billed, grey bird, which has the look of one of the dumpy Calidris sand­pipers. It al­most has the look of a Grey Plover, but the head shape is wrong, and Grey Plovers have more span­gled up­per­parts, even in win­ter plumage (and black legs). The bill is too short for a Dun­lin or Curlew Sand­piper, and the plumage too yel­low­ish on the un­der­parts for San­der­ling. The lat­ter can also be ruled out by the green­ish legs and the pres­ence of a rear toe (ab­sent in San­der­ling). This grey above , yel­low-buff be­low look, com­bined with the finely edged wing feath­ers, should all point to the chunky ju­ve­nile Knot.

KEY FEA­TURES †Chunky, grey, typ­i­cally calidrid wader †Short, thick bill is straight †Neat, pale and black fring­ing to all wing feath­ers

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