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Spring is a very spe­cial time in Ei­lat. If you are stay­ing in one of the big ho­tels be sure to step out onto your bal­cony in the af­ter­noon and look up. As the ther­mals heat up, so does the rap­tor mi­gra­tion, and soon you could be treated to lit­er­ally hun­dreds if not thou­sands of birds stream­ing over­head. Dur­ing late March, Steppe Buz­zards lead the charge, eas­ily ac­count­ing for most of the rap­tor mi­gra­tion, al­though with them will be many Black Kite, tens of Steppe Ea­gle and lesser num­bers of other species all look­ing ma­jes­tic as they drift north­ward, their forms per­fectly un­der lit and in­vari­ably set against a clear azure sky. The Ei­lat rap­tor sur­vey an­nu­ally counts some 850,000 Honey Buz­zards, 500,000 Steppe Buz­zards, 17,000 Steppe Ea­gles and 50,000 Le­vant’s Spar­rowhawks – a fig­ure that prob­a­bly

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