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Heath­land: The con­stant bat­tle and how you can help The habi­tat of heath­land is not a sta­ble one. Left un­man­aged, trees quickly be­come es­tab­lished and soon form dense patches of scrub, shad­ing out the heathers and gorse below them. In just a few years, what was once a good site for Dartford War­blers can be­come a patch of sec­ondary wood­land. Many heath­land re­serves rely on vol­un­teer work par­ties to help them man­age the heath, to keep it in tip-top con­di­tion for the wildlife that lives there. Speak­ing as some­one who was a ranger for 20 years, I can hap­pily state that vol­un­teers are vi­tal in main­tain­ing many ar­eas of habi­tat across the coun­try. If you are able to, why not con­tact your lo­cal coun­try park/re­serve/wildlife Trust etc to see if they run vol­un­teer par­ties that you can help with. It is a great way to help main­tain an im­por­tant habi­tat and to stay fit at the same time. Just think how re­ward­ing it would be to see a Dartford War­bler feed­ing its newly fledged young on some heath­land that you help to man­age.

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