Bird Watching (UK) - - Species Dartford Warbler -

SUBALPINE WAR­BLER Com­mon across south­ern Europe, where it’s found on sandy heaths, dry slopes, shrubs be­sides rivers and streams, and in open wood­land, es­pe­cially holm oaks. Its white ‘mous­tache’ is dis­tinc­tive. Per­forms a short song flight.

SAR­DINIAN WAR­BLER An­other bird of south­ern Europe, where it favours open wood­land with dense thick­ets, clumps of trees, and even gar­dens. Un­like many of its fam­ily, it’s not shy, be­ing both ac­tive and seem­ingly cu­ri­ous, and re­veals it­self with loud calls and song.

WESTERN ORPHEAN WAR­BLER Gen­er­ally very elu­sive and shy, this is a bird of de­cid­u­ous wood­land, in­clud­ing Holm Oaks and olive groves, as well as tall scrub, pine forests, and rocky, sunny moun­tain slopes. In Europe, found mainly in Italy, Spain and Por­tu­gal, but also crops up in iso­lated pock­ets in France.

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