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This bird passed low in front of my wife and I at Denge Marsh hide at RSPB Dun­geness in May. I thought it might be a Mon­tagu’s Har­rier. I have seen dozens of Hen Har­ri­ers over the years and many Marsh Har­ri­ers, Buz­zards etc, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t any of those. It was over Denge Marsh for some time, ob­vi­ously in­ter­ested in the Lap­wing chicks that were present. The bird was show­ing a lot of white plumage. David & Brenda Hale

QMuch as we would like this to be a Mon­tagu’s Har­rier, we think this bird looks a bit too big and heavy to be that species. The wings also look a bit

Atoo broad. Marsh Har­ri­ers, like Buz­zards, are quite vari­able in their plumage, and this looks to be a cream-crowned mem­ber of the species. Marsh Har­ri­ers are still a great bird to see, though we hope you man­age to catch sight of a Mon­tagu’s soon!

Black-tailed God­wit Marsh Har­rier Lit­tle Bit­tern

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