Bird Watching (UK) - - August Id Challenge -

Here is a war­bler with a strong in­fu­sion of dull green to the up­per­parts. That should al­ready point you to a Phyl­lo­sco­pus (leaf) war­bler or per­haps one of the greener species (Melodius or Icterine). But nei­ther Hip­po­lais has a dark eye­stripe. So this looks to be a leaf war­bler. The prom­i­nent wing-bar rules out Chif­fchaff and Wil­low War­bler and, ad­di­tion­ally, the green tones rule out the brown Dusky and Radde’s War­blers. Yel­low­browed and Hume’s Leaf have two wing-bars and fringed ter­tials and pale pri­mary tips. We are left with Green­ish or Arc­tic. The main fea­tures to check are in the face, and the thick su­per­cil­ium be­hind the eye, which meets above the bill, should take you to this be­ing a Green­ish War­bler.

KEY FEA­TURES †Green­ish up­per­parts, grey­ish un­der­parts †Prom­i­nent and long su­per­cil­ium ex­tends to fore­head †Ob­vi­ous wing-bar †High crown and pale lower mandible to bill ‘Open face’ with no dark eye­stripe

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