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Short, fine bill Now this is what even a hardcore war­bler lover may ad­mit is a bit of a dull-look­ing bird, though they would im­me­di­ately spot its scarcity. It is a brown job, lack­ing the green tones of most leaf war­blers and also lack­ing the strong dark eye­stripe that mem­bers of that genus go in for. There are no wing-bars and the over­all im­pres­sion is of a high-crowned, dainty Hip­po­lais war­bler, too ‘cute’ for one of the more ro­bust Acro­cephalus (reed) war­blers. There are a few very sim­i­lar species: Western and Oli­va­ceous, Booted and Sykes’s. The small bill and short pri­mary pro­jec­tion point to the lat­ter two, which are very hard to dis­tin­guish in the field; the pri­maries are prob­a­bly long enough and bill short enough to con­clude this is a Booted War­bler.

KEY FEA­TURES †Non­de­script brown war­bler †Lacks wing-bars †Open face like a mix be­tween a Hip­po­lais and Phyl­lo­sco­pus war­bler †Hint of dark line above short pale su­per­cil­ium

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