Bird Watching (UK) - - August Id Challenge -

Un­like Bird 1, this bird seems to to­tally lack a dark eye­stripe (and has very lit­tle su­per­cil­ium), in­stead hav­ing pale yel­low lores and a dis­tinct pale ey­e­r­ing. The head shape and pale lores and face pat­tern sug­gest an Acro­cephalus or Hip­po­lais war­bler, but the green­ish-yel­low tones rule out the for­mer. This ap­pears to be one of the two greeny yel­low Hip­po­lais war­blers: Melo­di­ous or Icterine. But which one? The main distin­guish­ing fea­ture be­tween the two sim­i­lar birds is the struc­ture of the wing. Icterine has a much longer wing, with a huge pri­mary ex­ten­sion (like this bird). Icterine also of­ten shows a dis­tinct pale panel run­ning par­al­lel with the wing, as is also shown by this con­ve­niently posed bird, an Icterine War­bler.

KEY FEA­TURES †Yel­low­ish green­ish wash to plumage †Open face, with pale yel­low lores and no dark eye­stripe †Very long wings, with long pri­mary pro­jec­tion †Pale ‘panel’ in wing Hint of dark line above pale su­per­cil­ium

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