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The first im­pres­sion from this green war­bler is that has a com­pact, al­most stocky shape, rem­i­nis­cent of a Gold­crest or Firecrest. The struc­ture sug­gests this is a small war­bler. There are plenty of field char­ac­ters on show here, not least the long, bold, yel­low su­per­cil­ium. Then there are the two clear trans­verse wing-bars and the white-fringed ter­tials and pri­mary tips. The face pat­tern screams Phyl­lo­sco­pus and the other fea­tures rule out sev­eral species, point­ing the way to Yel­low-browed, Hume’s Leaf and Pal­las’s Leaf War­blers. The lat­ter has a clear yel­low cen­tral crown stripe lack­ing here, as well as a brighter su­per­cil­ium in front of the eye. Hume’s is an al­to­gether (though sub­tly) duller bird. This is a typ­i­cal Yel­low-browed War­bler.

KEY FEA­TURES †Bright green up­per­parts, pale un­der­parts †Two clear wing-bars †Wings neatly tipped with white on ter­tials and pri­maries †Prom­i­nent long, pale yel­low­ish su­per­cil­ium Bright yel­low su­per­cil­ium and throat

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