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Short stout bill Yet again, we have a rather plain brown war­bler with a prom­i­nent su­per­cil­ium. With lit­tle brown jobs like this, the first thing to rule out is Wren, which has a much shorter tail and has bar­ring on the wing and flanks. The rich brown colours and clear su­per­cil­ium steer you to­wards Cetti’s War­bler, or the rare Dusky and Radde’s War­blers. Cetti’s has more ru­fous plumage, with a grey breast and pale-tipped un­der­tail coverts, and a much shorter su­per­cil­ium. Radde’s and Dusky are very sim­i­lar, but the for­mer has wings brighter than the back (like here), warmer plumage, strik­ingly pale legs and a stub­bier bill. It also has peachy ochre un­der­tail coverts. All these fea­tures are shown in this bird, which is a Radde’s War­bler.

KEY FEA­TURES †Pre­dom­i­nantly warm brown colours, no wing-bars Peachy un­der­tail coverts †Well-marked face with prom­i­nent su­per­cil­ium and short bill †Pale or­ange legs

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