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The Nuthatch is, as most bird­watch­ers know, the only reg­u­larly oc­cur­ring Bri­tish bird which ha­bit­u­ally moves head­first down trunks and branches. It is part of a wider fam­ily which is wide­spread across the north­ern hemi­sphere and though it is one of a few species which oc­cur in Europe, is more ‘cor­rectly’ known as the Eurasian Nuthatch, which has a very wide dis­tri­bu­tion from west­ern Europe to Ja­pan and far-east­ern Rus­sia. The word ‘Nuthatch’ dates back at least to the 14th Cen­tury and refers to the bird’s habit of wedg­ing a nut in a crevice then re­peat­edly bash­ing it with its bill. It is thought that the ‘hatch’ part of the name is an ob­so­lete form of ‘hack’.

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