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Here we have another large heron, judg­ing by the large bulk of the body com­pared to the small head and long thin neck. Judg­ing from the back­ground veg­e­ta­tion, this bird, un­like Bird 3, is in ‘nor­mal’ sun­light, pro­vid­ing more or less ‘true’ colours . Th­ese are dis­tinctly orange-brown, just about all over. The dark­est part is the fore­crown and the yel­low bill is long and dag­ger like, ex­tend­ing from the head more in the man­ner of a Great White Egret than that of a Grey Heron. Also, Grey Herons are never brown, like this, and have plainer ‘faces’. It can only be a Pur­ple Heron, but lacks the pur­ple tones of an adult, as this is a ju­ve­nile Pur­ple Heron, a rare vis­i­tor and oc­ca­sional breeder.

KEY FEA­TURES †Rel­a­tively small head im­plies large heron †Over­all buff-orange-brown, some streak­ing on neck and breast †Dag­ger like bill ‘con­tin­u­ous’ with head †Yel­low legs

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