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Be aware that if you visit the Po Delta dur­ing Septem­ber to Fe­bru­ary, the hunt­ing sea­son will be in full flow. Aside from the hor­ri­ble thought that birds are be­ing shot, you may not see many, as they will be avoid­ing the hunters. Gor­geous Slen­der-billed Gulls, re­splen­dent with their pink-hued breasts, will be present breed­ing along­side the more com­mon Black-headed Gull as well as many Pygmy Cor­morants. Oys­ter­catch­ers are com­mon along­side Black-winged Stilts. Other wader species in­clude pas­sage Dun­lin, Ruff and Marsh Sand­pipers. I also saw a cou­ple of scarce mi­grant Lit­tle Gulls and White-winged Terns among the more reg­u­lar mi­grant Black Terns and breed­ing Whiskered Terns. Mon­tagu’s Har­ri­ers can be found quar­ter­ing the sur­round­ing agri­cul­tural fields and over­head it is worth look­ing for a drift­ing Honey Buz­zard. I was also pleas­antly sur­prised to see a fair num­ber of the threat­ened Tur­tle Doves. It was good to know that they had sur­vived their gru­elling jour­ney this far from their win­ter quar­ters in sub-sa­ha­ran Africa.

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