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I write re­gard­ing the let­ter by James Kay in Bird Watch­ing’s Au­gust is­sue. Who does he think he is kid­ding? Him­self? If a per­son’s liveli­hood de­pends on a blood sport, it’s a sad world. To per­se­cute a bril­liant bird like the Hen Har­rier, or to slaugh­ter an­other, is a dis­grace. He men­tioned ag­gres­sive species on the moor – does he mean the Hen Har­rier? The only one I can think of is Man. Wild Moors don’t need man­ag­ing. Left alone, Red Grouse would thrive, so would the Hen Har­rier and so would other species. Na­ture bal­ances it­self out, as it’s only the in­ter­ven­tion of Man that has up­set the ap­ple­cart. I am a mem­ber of the RSPB my­self, and in the North West in the For­est of Bow­land they have done a poor job of pro­tect­ing the Hen Har­rier and other rap­tors. I can walk for miles and miles and not see one. The only chance of me see­ing a Hen Har­rier now is on a road sign (the area’s na­tional sym­bol) or on a bot­tle of the lo­cally-brewed beer – so get in the real world ,Mr Kay. Mr S Richard­son

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