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ADRIAN THOMAS RSPB wildlife gar­den­ing ex­pert Matt’s asked about a red ‘bloom’ that’s ap­peared in his bird­bath. I bet half the bird­baths in the coun­try are stained red with what is, bizarrely, ac­tu­ally a green alga called Hae­ma­to­coc­cus plu­vi­alis! In it­self, it doesn’t seem to be a prob­lem for birds, but its ar­rival is a good prompt that it’s def­i­nitely time to clean out your bird­bath, so that no real nas­ties are in there. If pushed, you can use a 1:10 bleach so­lu­tion and scrub­bing brush, as long as you thor­oughly rinse the bird­bath after­wards, but we rec­om­mend En­vi­ro­clens (also known as Avi­care). With so many dis­eases that birds can suc­cumb to, it’s that lit­tle bit of ef­fort that could prove to be just as im­por­tant as pro­vid­ing the wa­ter in the first place.

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