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A ba­sic knowl­edge of the habi­tat and life­style pref­er­ences of the var­i­ous herons is use­ful in nar­row­ing down iden­ti­fi­ca­tions. For in­stance, the Bit­tern is gen­er­ally a se­cre­tive bird, re­main­ing mainly con­cealed within reedbeds. Con­versely, Grey Herons are found in a wide range of wet­land habi­tats from ditches and damp fields to river and canal sides, reser­voirs, lakes and even some coastal lo­cal­i­ties. Pur­ple Herons (see below; which are rare birds in the UK) pre­fer to re­main at least par­tially con­cealed in taller veg­e­ta­tion, if pos­si­ble, than their larger grey cousins.

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