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Oc­to­ber sees the first re­turn­ing Whooper Swans ar­riv­ing from their breed­ing grounds in the north, par­tic­u­larly Ice­land (birds of­ten ar­rive with plumage stained from cer­tain up­land lakes). Whoop­ers are the size of Mute Swans, with a dis­tinc­tive yel­low tri­an­gle on the bill which leads up to the eye. They are vo­cal birds, with a pleas­ing deep ‘honk’ call. Whooper Swans are mainly win­ter­ing birds of northern Eng­land and Scot­land, as well as Ire­land; with a few lo­calised win­ter­ing pop­u­la­tions around the Wash, North Wales and the Sev­ern Es­tu­ary.

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