Have you ever seen Cuckoo on a cone?

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Q A col­league emailed me this photo with a few oth­ers of what I think is a young fe­male Cuckoo, un­usu­ally perched on a traf­fic cone! The pic was taken at Up­per Hey­ford, where the High­ways Agency use the old run­way for mo­tor­way sim­u­la­tion work. Hav­ing not seen as good a photo as this be­fore, I thought I’d get in touch and seek your sec­ond opin­ion. Rick Bourne A This is def­i­nitely a young Cuckoo, al­though we’d hes­i­tate to de­clare that it’s a fe­male. Ju­ve­nile Cuck­oos are some­what vari­able in their plumage, and telling the sexes apart by sight is al­most im­pos­si­ble. Cuck­oos are fond of us­ing prom­i­nent and iso­lated perches from which to sing, or to watch for feed­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties, but we don’t think we’ve seen one perched on a traf­fic one be­fore!

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